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How to Place an Order

Welcome to the future of Foster Caviness

The flexibility you need with functionality you deserve.  Introducing our new E-Commerce platform! There’s no substitute for personal connection.  Our world-class team of Customer Experience experts, account managers, and executive team aren’t going anywhere.  A state-of-the-art platform can’t replace the relationships we’ve built with you over the last 106 years, but what it does do is give you more ways to run your business.  We’re here when you need us, anytime, 24-7-365.

What’s New

Ever thought how awesome it would be if ordering your produce was as easy as checking your social media account on your phone? We nerd out on that kind of stuff, so we built a platform to make it possible. Here are just a few things our new Online Ordering Platform can do for you.

  • Order from your computer, phone or tablet via our App. If you want to chat in person, you can still always call us at 1-800-BUY-VEGI. No robots, no phone trees, just our team of pros ready to help however we can.
  • On-Demand Digital Order Receiving & Invoice History – A little extra desk space never felt so good.
  • Special Order Lead Times – Need something exotic? Know availability and lead time as you place your order real time. No “let me check” or “I’ll get back to you”, just answers you can depend on.
  • When is your next order coming, did you order that item? Check your personal Calendar to find out.
  • Active Route Tracking & Short Notification – See where your truck is and when to expect it in seconds, from your mobile device, tablet or computer. You’ll know of any invoice modifications before you get your order.
  • New Chat functionality allows you to chat with us on demand, anytime. Think Instant Messenger, but with pineapples.
  • Our upgraded Ad platform keeps you connected to the industry to help reduce food costs and bring fresh-new options to your menu. Take advantage of your partnership the largest buyer of fresh produce in the USA via access to food cost reducing buys, new and local offerings from our regional grower network.
  • Can’t do your order all at once? Lunch rush hit early? Load your cart as your day allows, all your progress will be there when you get back.

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