Leadership Development

Foster Caviness

Leadership Development Program


At Foster Caviness we believe that people are at the core of all we do. Developing team members within our organization and creating opportunities for them to grow in character, in knowledge, and in practice is key. Cultivating their creativity and empowering excellence lays the foundation of our service oriented leadership training.


The cycle of a successful food-service company ranges from procurement to sales to safety and everything in between. Passionate foodies are who we are! Whether LDP members are working to improve the latest food packing challenges investigating new sustainable growers and sources, LDP opens the minds of our team members in all departments to ways we can do “food” better!


Internal togetherness within a company can give purpose and make lasting connections that make people want to be a part of that organization. At Foster-Caviness we are creating a culture change where people work hard, do without being asked, serve their coworkers, and achieve this in the spirit of unity. For our leaders and future leaders, it’s not enough to just punch a clock, we choose to make a difference, together.


2020 Graduating Class of LDP

  • Jason Kampwerth, Elka Ketewa, Harold Major, Jeff Thomas, Andrew Slick, Bernie Lewis

2021 Graduating Class of LDP

  • Bobbi Grimes, Brandon Tedder, Brian Brumbles, Chris True, Heather Harris, Joshua Lightner, Odalis Rivera, Paul Rivera, Polly Sutton, William Benfield