Unique projects call for opportunities to work with nimble and innovative partners. Flavor Flex is that partner. We understand that distribution is more complex than ever. There’s continuous pressure to minimize costs, maximize labor productivity and meet increasingly demanding shipping deadlines. At the core, FF embraces each of these challenges while remaining true to our culture of People. Food. Together. You need to be able to adapt quickly to change and still meet all the “rights” (time, location, product, quality) and still hold true to the heart of your commitment to local as you support people, businesses, products and consumers.

A robust and forward-thinking team can help you stay on top of today’s distribution challenges. An experienced and highly responsive team with warehouse management system development expertise, like Flavor Flex, can help you effectively and efficiently implement your new supply project.

Flavor Flex is a one stop solution center

The only link to manage is Flavor Flex, we keep the rest connected for you.

Contract management

Secondary Growing regions

Commodity Supply Mapping

Transition Management

Supply Chain Crisis Management


Just in Time (JIT) Inventory Solutions

Supplier Aggregation Facilitation:

Our progressive operations team is available to create a custom model for your unique project. Being experts in all areas of procurement, SKU management, and profitable palletization create a synergy in partnership where Flavor Flex becomes a fluid partner committed to efficient and cost-effective deployment.

In all solutions you own the product from source to store!

Inbound Freight Management:

Flavor Flex inbound freight management does more than just help our partners gain an understanding of where their shipments are at any given moment. Our IFM services encourage better supplier-carrier-customer relationships, reduce the need for excess inventory, improve reliability across the supply chain, and create an atmosphere of accountability for all supply chain partners. The result is a seamless flow of boutique commodities and increased opportunities for local suppliers to become connected to “local” advocates and partners.

We are offering multiple freight management opportunities for you to select based on your vision and needs!

Redistribution Freight Solutions

Avoid unnecessary costs and let us handle fulfillment and the last mile. Our services not only include warehousing, inventory control, and pick & pack, but on-demand distribution. Everything is managed in-house for greater control and accuracy of your inventory.

Utilizing our experienced team and logistical strengths we are able to offer you 4 options to choose from:

We can:

  • Ship orders by store for redistribution through partner WH in bulk by SKU.
  • Ship orders palletized by location, aggregated for efficient redistribution through DC with mixed SKUs.
  • Ship orders from the FF Distribution centers by store for Direct to Store Delivery (last mile) in bulk by SKU.
  • Ship orders from the FF Distribution centers palettized by store, aggregated for efficient Direct to Store Delivery (last mile) in bulk by mixed SKUs.

Freight & Logistics

Empowering you to get what you need, from where you need it, when you want it...we are the ‘TO’ in Supplier to You !

Asset based freight optimization

freight contracting

freight consolidation

Less Than Load (LTL)

Multi-pick solutions

GPS tracking at a touch

environmental on screen