Our Purpose

Our Cause:
Purpose Rooted in People

Our Mission:
We believe in placing priority on positively impacting the lives of people who make our business possible. We do this by creating an environment of trust, fostering responsible freedom, and unlocking human potential.

Our Core Values

People noun peo·​ple | \ ˈpē-pəl 

All people matter…a lot. We love people, encourage fun, and earn trust by prioritizing people over profit.  

We connect this value to our purpose by: 

  • Empowering people to discover, develop, and contribute their gifts and talents in a meaningful way. 
  • Listening to others with respect and empathy so we better understand their perspective.  
  • Showing a bias for action and welcoming accountability for the outcomes. 

Together adverb to·​geth·​er | \ təˈge-t͟hər 

Community is core…to everything. We are committed to creating connectivity, closing communication gaps, and putting community before self.  

We connect this value to our purpose by: 

  • Behaving in a manner that recognizes teamwork as the fuel that allows ordinary people to attain extraordinary results.    
  • Inspiring people to serve each other by our example to each other. 
  • Placing the needs of our customers, vendors, teammates, families, neighbors and all the people we touch; before our own. 

Food noun \ ˈfüd 

Food is fuel…for life. We passionately protect food systems, promote reducing hunger, and own our role in connecting people to food.  

We connect this value to our purpose by: 

  • Understanding the food supply chain is our economic vehicle to increase our scope of influence on people and acting accordingly. 
  • Providing people an opportunity to serve others by connecting food to people both at work and at home.  
  • Committing to continuous improvement daily and taking seriously our role in the supply chain.